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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Try It

It's a classic scenario.  I put a new food on my daughter's plate and immediately she bursts out saying, "I don't like it!" 

Of course, my parental response is, "But, you haven't even tried it.  Give it a chance.  You might like it."

Most of the time my convincing is unpersuasive and she turns her nose up and pushes her plate away.  She'd rather forfeit the possibility of something good in her mouth than take a chance and try it.

Our Father might offer something new on our plates, too.  Maybe a new opportunity.  A fresh path.  A new love.  A different way of thinking. 

"Taste and see."  He says.  "It is good". 

One thing we can be sure of.  He will never put anything on our plates that isn't good for us. 

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