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Friday, January 7, 2011

Put The Shoe Down & Back Away Slowly

"Why did you throw the shoe at your sister?" we asked our older daughter after placing an ice-pack on her sibling's nose.

"She forced me! she said. 

Though, we were pretty confident her sister probably provoked her, we answered, "She couldn't have forced you.  You made the decision to throw it, and you did."

My daughter is not alone in her temptation.  There are times I want to react with flying footwear, too --when my patience is depleted and my tolerance yells "ENOUGH!!!"  It's then that the 'shoe' is in my hand and the decision is mine to make.

People can provoke and irritation is evoked. 
 Irritation & frustration join forces with aggravation,
giving birth to temptation, making my shoe a fixation.

 But, no one can force me. 
The choice is all mine.
Will I act or react -- be the peacemaker this time?

The voice of the Rule
is calling my name,
"Choose what is right,
do not be a fool!"
This Rule is so Golden and always gives life
to each situation that's full of such strife.

1 comment:

John Griggs said...

Ha ha! Ain't that the truth. Well, I suppose it could have been worse -- she could have hit her sister with the shoe with her foot still in it, lol!

But that's a kick and I suppose would call for a whole 'nother verse.

This may sound wrong: but I'm glad my kids are grown now. Though sometimes I long nostalgically for when they were little, I remember "the shoes" and think, "Nah..." ;-)