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Drum roll please!..... Sofa Chats the book is heeere! I can hardly believe it. Folks can find it in both paperback and ebook version on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. Here's a link to Amazon for your convenience:

Here’s what one Amazon customer had to say about the book! (Yay!)
I love what Valerie has done in "Sofa Chats"! She is so down-to-earth and conversational that you feel you are on the other end of the sofa with her as she encourages each person to get to know the fun-loving Heavenly Father she has come to know and love. This book can be used for all ages as a daily devotional or straight-through reading and includes personal narratives, parables, and prose that will cause you to chuckle, tear-up, gasp, reflect, and overflow with gratitude for the abundant life that God has provided for each and every one of…

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