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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Then, come in.

A Homeless man stood outside a soup kitchen.  He was very hungry and he could smell the aroma of the delicious Food every time the door opened.  But, the man was more proud than he was hungry.  So, he chose not to enter and partake of the Food.

Two days passed and the man still lingered outside the Shelter.  His stomach ached with hunger and his body was weak.  Yet, still he resisted every invitation to come in and enjoy the free Food that was made.

Finally, on the third day, a woman stepped out the door and looked at the man.

"Sir.  Are you hungry?"  the woman inquired.

The man lifted his head from his knees and said, "Yes."

"Then, come in."  the woman said plainly.

"I can't."  the man responded.  "I am too ashamed."

"Too ashamed to eat?" the woman asked.  "What is better, that you die in your hunger or let your pride die as you eat?  If you are hungry, come in."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Winning Ticket

Every year thousands and thousands of people play the Lottery.  With fingers crossed, they purchase their ticket -- a ticket that in very real and practical terms could change their lives (and those they may share it with) forever.  For many, it's more than a game, it's hope for a better life that they hold in their hands.

What many aren't aware of is that there is another Winning Ticket.  And, this Ticket has our actual names written on it.  A Ticket that has already been purchased for us.  A Ticket not made of paper, but one that has been woven with Love and Hope -- one that literally could only be purchased with Blood.

Every day, our Heavenly Father holds out our Winning Tickets in His Hands. 

"Who will take me up on this amazing offer?!"  He cries out.  "Who will receive their Winning Ticket?  Who will take the leap of faith and believe that I Am who I say I Am and that I Am a Generous and Merciful God?  Who will come?  I have made you ALL Winners!"

These Tickets are only being given out on earth. 
We must accept the offer while we are still in this body. 

Let me encourage you to get your Winning Ticket today.  For, you do not know when your life will be over and your Winning Ticket will no longer be offered.


Monday, November 19, 2012


Do yourself a favor today.

Rather than letting your day be filled with thoughts of negativity and worry, challenge yourself to think on things that are...
People who fill their minds and hearts with these things mixed with gratitude and thankfulness are usually the ones we look at and say.... "What are you so happy about?"
There are so many reasons to smile today. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Paying It Forward

I love the concept: Paying It Forward.

The idea that when you are given something, whether it be material possessions, service or money, instead of trying to pay that person back, you look to the next person and say to yourself, "How can I give to them as I have been given?" You're paying back by giving forward.

In the Kingdom of God, though, there is no such thing -- though we may try to apply the same concept with Him. He has given us so much. He has paid our debt. He has come and done something that no one in all of history has ever done before. It's easy to say to ourselves "It's only right, then, that I look at what I have and say -- how can I 'pay it forward' for you God?"

On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful gesture. But, at the heart of it, we must understand that WE CAN NOT PAY HIM BACK. Nope. We can not pay back by paying forward.

Does that mean, then, that we don't give? No. It means that if you are in a genuine relationship with Him, you WILL give out to others simply because He lives in you and shines through you. It means that when you give, it's because you are doing what you 'see your Father doing'. We love because He first loved us. He loves through us, pours through us.

We don't live, then, with a 'pay back' mentality. We live with a Love Relationship mentality.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did you hear the scoop about...

Neighborhood gossip can be easy to fall prey to. One neighbor whispering about another neighbor who's already been whispering about them.

If you're new in town, it can be easy to 'catch the scoop' on everyone and begin forming opinions about people that you haven't even met in person yourself. What an unfair situation for everyone involved. Entire friendships/relationships could be sabotaged even before they have a chance to get started.

What is even more unfortunate is when this happens with God. He wants to be made known in our hearts. He wants desperately for us to understand the Truth of who He really is. He wants to be our friend. But, sometimes, misrepresentation of Him clouds our understanding of who He is. We may hear from others that He is a cruel and manipulative God. We may hear that He is more interested in 'using us' than He is in simply loving us and having a genuine relationship with us. We may hear that He is disappointed with us and we 'better start getting our act together' before we even think about coming to Him.

Lies. All lies.

But, if we don't go to the Source and find out for ourselves, we have nothing else to go by in our opinion of Him. The relationship is sabotaged even before it has a chance to get started. Be fair and give Him a fair chance to show you who He really is. You might be surprised at how much you have misunderstood.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Go Eagles! Go Giants!

Okay. I admit it. There are times when I am watching a sports game that, because of my ignorance and uncertainty, I can't seem to pick a team to cheer for. I usually wait and watch and ask others who they are supporting. Sometimes, I pick a team half way through. But, sometimes I never choose at all and just cheer for whoever is winning, (or occasionally for whoever is losing if I have a heart for the underdog). Bottom line: I never commit or become personally invested as a spectator.

But I can't do that when I'm actually participating in a game.  I'm either on one team or the other.  I can't say with my mouth that I'm on one team if I'm invested and active on the other one.   I can't wear two uniforms.  I can only represent one team.

It is the same way in the Kingdom of God.  There are no spectators.  We are all on one Team or the other.  We are either representing or not.  We are either in the Light or not.  We can not play on two teams at one time.

So -- what uniform will you pick / have you picked?   Choose today whom you will serve.