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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Then, come in.

A Homeless man stood outside a soup kitchen.  He was very hungry and he could smell the aroma of the delicious Food every time the door opened.  But, the man was more proud than he was hungry.  So, he chose not to enter and partake of the Food.

Two days passed and the man still lingered outside the Shelter.  His stomach ached with hunger and his body was weak.  Yet, still he resisted every invitation to come in and enjoy the free Food that was made.

Finally, on the third day, a woman stepped out the door and looked at the man.

"Sir.  Are you hungry?"  the woman inquired.

The man lifted his head from his knees and said, "Yes."

"Then, come in."  the woman said plainly.

"I can't."  the man responded.  "I am too ashamed."

"Too ashamed to eat?" the woman asked.  "What is better, that you die in your hunger or let your pride die as you eat?  If you are hungry, come in."

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