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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Go Eagles! Go Giants!

Okay. I admit it. There are times when I am watching a sports game that, because of my ignorance and uncertainty, I can't seem to pick a team to cheer for. I usually wait and watch and ask others who they are supporting. Sometimes, I pick a team half way through. But, sometimes I never choose at all and just cheer for whoever is winning, (or occasionally for whoever is losing if I have a heart for the underdog). Bottom line: I never commit or become personally invested as a spectator.

But I can't do that when I'm actually participating in a game.  I'm either on one team or the other.  I can't say with my mouth that I'm on one team if I'm invested and active on the other one.   I can't wear two uniforms.  I can only represent one team.

It is the same way in the Kingdom of God.  There are no spectators.  We are all on one Team or the other.  We are either representing or not.  We are either in the Light or not.  We can not play on two teams at one time.

So -- what uniform will you pick / have you picked?   Choose today whom you will serve.


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