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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ask. Then Act.

My youngest daughter seems to be a natural born leader.  She's fearless and loves the challenge of just about anything.  She loves to be in front and be the 'line leader' in whatever situation she is in.  Sometimes, I think she forgets how old she is as the older kids willingly follow behind her.  It's really a wonderful thing to watch such a go-getter personality.

It can be difficult to parent, however.  She'll have an idea and implement it without fully knowing what she's doing or the possible outcome of her actions.  She jumps.  Then thinks.  Acts.  Then asks.  She'll enthusiastically take a path without asking if it even leads anywhere.

As I look into the new year ahead, it's only natural that I begin making yearly goals and plans for the future.  I almost hurt my brain last night twisting numbers in my head about our finances.  I'm making to-do lists for around the house and honey-do lists for my husband.  I have health goals.  Career goals.  Plans for the kids and plans for the dog, even! 

But, much like my daughter, in my enthusiasm to race forward, I'm having a tendency to forget to seek out Wisdom first.  There is really only One who knows the future and knows what is best for my family and me.  Best I inquire of Him before laying my plans.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Coincidence?

When I was kid, I used to read books that presented alternate endings to its story.  When you read to a certain point in the book, it gave you the chance to choose endings 1, 2 or 3.  What I thought was neat about this concept was that it was usually only a minor event or character's decision that swayed the entire outcome and made the ending different. 

In life, I have a few stories of my own that could have had different endings.  I recall a trip back from my in-laws' house.  I was anxious to get on the road to start our 5 hour trip.  My husband did not share my enthusiasm.  Though, I tapped my foot and made nagging comments, he didn't feel comfortable leaving until another 45 minutes later.  We were a good portion into our journey when we suddenly came to a stand still in traffic.  We sat for a long time and finally received word that the bridge ahead was closed and they weren't letting anyone into the town ahead of us.  We turned on the radio seeking more information.  Apparently, a 62 mile long track Supertwister ripped through town. 

The next day, my husband read a news report online.  The report was thorough and gave the time that the tornado hit and the exact intersection it had crossed.  We did the math in our heads and our jaws dropped.  If we left when I had insisted, we would have chosen ending 1 and unknowingly crossed paths with destruction.  But, we amazingly avoided the disaster altogether via ending 2. 

I can't help but be amazed by the timing and the 'what ifs' of this story.  Was it all just coincidental timing that my husband delayed our departure?  I just can't ignore the obvious protection of Someone that sees all and knows all.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vowels & Consonants

Words are amazing.  Through books, they have the ability to take us places we could never go in real life.  They can make us laugh.  They can make us cry.  They can inform us.  They can help us get to know each other.  They can help us express ourselves.  They are wonderful.  They are powerful.

And, like any powerful tool, if wrongly used, words can be harmful.  When mishandled, they can be down right destructive.  They can bring down a person's career.  Ruin a reputation.  Destroy relationships.  They can cause deep wounds that take a lifetime to heal.  They can damage a person's self confidence, self image.  They can alter lives, families, communities, governments. 

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I am always careful with these powerful, life-changing elements in my hands.  I'm just not.  Some days, I'm like the little kid running around with scissors in her hands, being completely ignorant to the harm I could cause.  Other times, I don't effectively use them to be the balm for someone's discouragement.  And, then sometimes, I fumble trying to find the right one when really I should use none at all. 

God, help me as I start this new day with a fresh batch of vowels and consonants.  They are a sword on my lips.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Several years ago, I had a cyst.  It was deep inside my lower back.  It was a painfully intense experience for me when it surfaced.  I couldn't walk.  I couldn't sit.  I couldn't do anything.  And, though, I tried to avoid it, it got to a point where I knew I needed to get help.  Problem was, it was in such an embarrassing place on my body, it seemed better to live with the pain than to allow myself to be vulnerable and be examined -- receiving the aid I so desperately needed.

It took pure desperation and running out of all options to get myself to a specialist.  Apparently, I was not the only one that procrastinated in receiving help.  When he took a look at me, the first words out of his mouth were, "Why do people take so long to take care of this?" 

Little did I know that this kind of cyst could only truly be taken care of through out-patient surgery.  He had to go deep, deep inside to get to the root of the cyst and make sure all the junk got pulled out.

Though, I hated having that experience, it has become a picture to me of what's going on inside my heart.  My Doctor needs to go deep, deep inside to the origin of some issues in my life.  But, it's requiring my willingness to be vulnerable and to open up to let Him in.  I am thankful, though, that He is not here to push Himself on me.  He is patient with me.  He knows that the process of opening up can be difficult.  And, though He has the ability to help me, He waits for my nod before He touches me.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Man, I hate nightmares.  Especially, the kind that seem extremely real.  I feel so helpless as I'm carried along by the story.  I feel powerless to change the plot.  I'm at the mercy of my own imagination.  And, though, it's not reality, I feel the emotions of it as if it was.  It's always such a relief when I wake-up.  Reason reminds my heart what the truth is.  And, the truth brings peace.

What I hate more, though, are what I guess I can call 'day nightmares' (daymares)-- what most call FEAR.  Fear can be powerful over our minds much like a nightmare.  It tells us things that aren't real.  Its convincing paralyzes us.  Its lies fool us to think that what is not real is reality.  It forms a fog over us.  A false truth.  We live our lives at the mercy of its dictatorship.  We are held captive by its imaginations.

But, much like a nightmare, we have the opportunity to wake-up and be set free from our fear.  We can hear Freedom calling to us in our sleep.

 "Wake-up." it gently speaks to us. 

It nudges us and speaks louder.  "You're having a nightmare.  Wake-up!"

It can not ignore our restlessness as it watches us suffer in our fear.  It's compelled by its Love for us.  It just can't turn a blind eye and walk away.  It won't give up until we wake-up.

And, what a relief when we do.  Truth enters.  We are able to see clearly now.  And, the Truth brings Peace.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

More In Storage!

Christmas morning is always so wonderful -- especially when you have children.  My husband and I set up the gifts the night before, and it's a sparkling Kodak moment when they first see the loot laid out in the living room.  Squeals of pure joy as they practically do a belly flop into the pile of boxes, ribbons and bows.  It's madness as the wrapping paper braces itself and the task of matching name tags to owners begins.

This year did not fail to bring such bliss.  No sugar-rush could match its energy.  And, when we came to the end of the gifts, and there seemed to be nothing left to open, we looked around and sighed a wonderful deep breath.  What a fun time. 

And, then it struck me. 

Where was that certain gift I had bought one of my daughters?  I did a scan of the room.  Nothing.  And, then I realized.  It was in the attic!  My husband and I did some early wrapping this year and we tucked them safely away in storage.  Just when we thought the gifts had depleted -- we realized there was MORE!  Oh my gosh! 

We ran upstairs and brought down 3 huge bags of wrapped gifts.  And, it was Christmas -- AGAIN!  And, so began another round of joy and madness.  The girls could not believe it.  TWO Christmases this year?  Such abundance.  Such a picture of overflowing goodness!

It made me think of how our Father gives gifts.  Abundant.  Overflowing.  Pressed down, shaken together and running over.  He doesn't stop filling our cup at its brim.  He allows it to spill over and splash everywhere. 

He gives us Christmas.  And, when we think we've received it all, He brings down MORE from His Storage!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's always so heartbreaking to see a house or business that suffered a severe fire.  Maybe a favorite pizza shop.  Maybe a house you see on your commute every morning. 

It's a profound visual of what loss and devastation look like.  Every inch felt its wrath.  Charred walls.  Water damaged floors.  Remnants of what was once beautiful and meaningful. 

Often, there is nothing that can be done to salvage its original state.  Solution:  clear and rebuild.  It's the only answer.  It's the best answer.

And, the result never disappoints.  In fact, many times it turns into an opportunity for an upgrade and the new version is better.  Improved.  Everything is new inside now.  And, those that knew of its devastation are encouraged and happy, too, to see it rebuilt and looking even better than before.

I've seen this in life, too.  People getting burnt -- even devastated -- by a trial's inferno.  As a result, they become the walking dead.  On the outside they may continue to function, but inside they are nothing but a burnt down house. 

What hope is there for such devastation?

The answer: 

"REBUILD!", the Carpenter, who's been hired for the job, announces with confidence.

He's respected, experienced, and reliable.  He takes the job seriously and personally.  His work will not disappoint.  His plans to rebuild include upgrades, so the newer version is better than the old one. 

And, the heart that was once a pile of ashes, soon becomes an impressive structure for all to see.  Indeed, what seemed to be the end of the story became the opportunity for a new one to begin.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You Are What You Eat

I always know when I haven't been eating the right way.  Unfortunately, I have a very unforgiving body.  I'm not one of those people that can enjoy anything and everything at whatever hour and to whatever portions my heart desires.  I feel the effects, good or bad, of whatever goes into my mouth. 

When I'm giving myself what my body needs, it thanks me and we get along.  But, when times like the holidays come and I'm trying everyone's Christmas cookies and having an extra glass of egg nog, it seems to visit the complaint office more and I hear about it.  Its condition is based on what it is given.

My heart is the same way.

If I am feeding on good things, my heart smiles back at me.  It loves when I talk to people I trust about how it's doing.  It enjoys eating things like nutritious reading material.  It appreciates not being ignored and loves when I pull away from my busyness to listen to any requests and needs it might have. 

But, if I am feeding on garbage, ignoring its needs and taking no time to talk to anyone about how it's doing, it feels less healthy.  And, if I continue on that same pattern long enough, its condition can become weak and even vulnerable to sickness.  Its condition is based on what it is given.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Someone's Gotta Pay!

My puppy had an ear infection a couple months ago.  He has floppy ears, and my understanding was that  unless we kept his ears dry, he could be susceptible to yeast infections.  My husband was the last one to give him a bath. So, when I took him to the vet to get some ear medicine, I wanted to be sure to inform them that it was my husband who failed to treat his ears properly.  He's the reason, and it's HIS fault.

The girl behind the counter said, "Well, it's no one's fault.  This is common with dogs.  It happens."

Hum.  Not the answer I was expecting or even secretly looking for.  There was something in me that wanted her to join my team and pass the blame onto my husband. 

I wanted her support my cause and say something like, "I know girl.  I know how men can be.  I got a man myself ... "

But, she didn't.  She simply stopped the blame game at the start of it.

How tempting it is to want to blame others -- either because we are trying to dodge the blame ourselves, or maybe we're looking for a focal point for our anger or grief -- we want someone be responsible for our loss, or our hurt, or our tragedy, or the day's blunders.  Someone needs to go down for it! 

Sometimes, it is someone's fault.  Sometimes, it's our own fault. 

But, sometimes, as in the words of the vet assistant...  "It's no one's fault.... it happens."  I think those might be some of the hardest words to swallow in life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Traffic Party

It's amazing how 1 inch of snow can paralyze our city.  Traffic was bumper to bumper on roads I normally can go 60mph.  I was 40 minutes late picking up my daughters from school so I already knew the ride home wasn't going to be our normal scoot.  I decided to stop at the grocery store with them and pick up some pre-made dinner, since there would be no time to cook. 

All the way home, we ate, laughed, sang along to the radio's Christmas tunes, and stayed on the alert for Christmas lights and decorations.  What could have been 60 minutes of grief, turned into a portable Christmas party for me and my children. 

Before we knew it, we were home -- happy, fed and unfazed by what should have been defined as a miserable experience.

Life can feel like being in traffic -- we just want to get through it and just get Home already!!  But, there is joy that can be experienced in our journey towards Home.  There's even Christmas parties that can be had in the worst of traffic jams.  And, then, before we know it, we will be Home -- happy and fed -- in spite of the traffic.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas Gift

Stella wanted to give the perfect gift to the special man in her life.  It couldn't be just any gift.  It had to be exceptional.  Wonderful.  Like nothing else he had ever received from anyone.

She grabbed her crayon and drew the prettiest picture she could imagine.  Half way through she held it up to grade her progress.  Yuck.  Not good enough. 

Her big brown eyes wandered upward to the corner of the ceiling for a moment.  hummm...  lightbulb!  She'll dance!  That will be special.  It will certainly be unique.  She was sure no else had thought to offer such a creative gift!  

She began working on her choreography.  Twirl, lift, bow.  Twirl, lift, bow.  Twirl, lift... boom!  Her legs pretzeled under her.  This will not do either.  What is there left to offer??

"Stella!"  she could hear her mother's voice from down the steps.  "It's time to exchange our gifts!"

Her time had run out, and her hands were empty as she headed to the living room.  There was nothing to offer.

With tears in her eyes she approached her father.

"Daddy, I tried so hard to make you a nice gift.  But see," she said as she looked at her hands, "I have nothing to give you."  Her head sank into her chest.

Her father leaned in close. "Give me your hands, Stella."

He pulled them in toward his chest and with a whisper said, "Stella, you can't give me anything more special than these empty hands."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Simple Things

I teach private music lessons to children. 

Each child seems to enjoy their 29 minutes of instruction, but it's the 30th minute they have their eyes on.  At the end of the half hour, they have the opportunity to pick from my prize basket.  I try to keep it over-flowing with an assortment of treats, small toys, pencils, playdough, etc.  It varies so they do a thorough look-through each time.  And, when they find the perfect pick, they feel like it's Christmas.

What always tickles me about this is how easily they are amused and pleased.  I'm not handing them a college scholarship.  Free groceries for a year.  A winning lottery ticket.  None of those things would mean anything to them anyway.  They are satisfied.  Happy.  Content with a 25 cent piece of happiness.  They have simple expectations.  And, their joy is full.

I remember it well myself as a kid.  Pancakes that smiled at me with a chocolate chip mouth.  Sledding down the driveway 'til my feet were numb.  Penny candy.  Mom's tomato soup.  Life was simple with simple pleasures.  And, my joy was full.

This holiday season and into the New Year that is before me,  I want to do a good look-through in life's prize basket, and go back to noticing and fully enjoying the simple things that are mine in every moment.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time To Let Go

I was doing ok up to this point in my climb. 

The mountain was winning.  It was too steep to get any sort of footing.  Moving forward was impossible and going back was not an option.  I had only to balance myself on the thin ledge and hold onto whatever rocks my hands could find. 

Then, a Wind out of nowhere rushed against my back.  Wings brushed my shoulder.

I knew in an instant.  It was the Great One.  But, I never knew Him in this form before.

His Voice rippled over me like running water.

"The place where you are going..." 

His arms touched my back.

"...you can not get to on your own.  Let me take you."

"But, I'm scared."  I said in a shaky voice.

"You have the power to choose, dear child.  Choose Me.... It's time to let go."

Monday, December 13, 2010

What are YOU doing here?

I saw Him today.

Can't say I was looking for Him.

I was just sitting there watching my daughter at a birthday party.  She was running in circles inside the moonbounce.  Each time she looped around, she splashed a little of Him all over me. 

First a wave.

Then, she yelled, "Your love is forever in my heart!"

I felt it.  It wasn't just her saying it to me.  It was Him, too.

She bounced joyfully around again, her hand forming the sign for 'I Love You'.

I mirrored it back to her, and Him.

And, then the kisses began.  She blew as many as her arm could give me. 

How does He do that?  He catches me by surprise.  He's a Hopeless Romantic that looks for every opportunity to woo me. 

And, I saw Him today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Please define...

What is freedom anyway?

It's a word that's thrown around alot for various reasons and purposes.  But, what exactly does it mean to be free as I go about doing life?

I had to look it up to see how it is defined.

Both noun definitions:
"the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints"
'exemption': "immunity from an obligation or duty"

I think what it's saying is that --

I can just be me. 

Is it just that simple?  Or, am I missing something? 

I don't have to say, do, feel, act, behave in anyway that is not authentic and true to who I am.  I don't have to feel bullied or act out of obligation or pressure or guilt.  I can form my own opinions.  I have the power to choose and make my own decisions.  And, I don't have to be something that I'm not. 


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming, the goose, along with all of us, is getting pretty fat.  I

Must make more cookies and buy a Santa hat.

Everyone is looking to get the perfect gift,  but I'd just like some peace and quiet and eat my candy stick!

Round and round I circle, the mall's huge parking lot.  Makes me wish I shopped online.  Is all this driving worth a spot?

Rudolph, Frosty and Peanuts Christmas, classic shows bring

Yuletide bliss-ness

Counting down and Advent wonder, this year I am trying to remember that

Ho ho hos and Santa Clause is fun and neat and great, but there's nothing like the First Noel and true reason that we celebrate! So,

Raise your glasses one and all.  Fill them with egg nog and deck the hall!  Don't forget your polyannas and office parties, too.

I recommend a sleigh ride, and dinner at Grammy Sue's.

So, let's get going.  December's here!  Are you filled with holiday cheer?  Or, is this just another year? 

Take time to hug your loved ones and remember those you miss.

Make this time a special one and find someone to kiss! 

And, so I hope for you,

A season filled with joy and gifts. And, for those who'd want it so, I wish a 

Snowy Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Me & My Junk

I cleaned out my purse today.

I'm shocked that I made it out alive.  It took me 45 minutes!  And, it's not one of those big bulky purses that can fit bowling balls and small lamps.  It's a compartmental purse.  It's small and made up of many, many sections.  I bought it specifically for that reason so it would help keep me organized.  But, I found out the hard way that the more compartments, the easier things get hidden and the longer it takes to clean it out.  Just when I thought I was close to being finished, my hand felt a zipper and, ugh, yet another area that I didn't even know about that needed straightening. 

I found safety pins, loose change, a broken eyeliner, tissues and old McDonald's napkins, snapped pencils, two pairs of my children's socks and even a pair of my own!  (like WHAT??)  I found paper clips, old gum wrappers, 6 packs of Extra gum (I thought I ran out of gum?  Where was that hiding?) I found used up chapstick, sunscreen (hello, it's December, I'm not going sun tanning!).  And, that was just what I could pull out of the main pouches.  When I got to my coupon book, I had to tediously sort through dozens and dozens of coupons so I didn't throw any out that were not expired -- though most were.  All this, and I didn't even touch my over-packed wallet yet!  In the end, I filled an entire plastic shopping bag and handfuls of extra junk that didn't fit in the bag.  What a process!  But, I have to say, it is better than living with its prior condition.  It weighted me down everywhere I went. And, it stopped being functional.  There was no space to add anything new.  It became nothing but a burden with a strap.

I sigh as I tell you that I have Someone cleaning out my other purse right now, too.  My heart.  And, frankly, I'm getting frustrated.  It's taking too long!  I mean, honestly, just do what You need to do and let's move on already!   But, apparently I have compartments.  I have some hidden pockets with zippers.  Just when I think the process is nearing the finish line, I feel another pouch open!  Man, I didn't know that pouch was there.  And, where did all that junk come from?

I guess this project is a process.  It's going to be better, though, than living with its current condition.  I'll be less weighted down and more functional.  Thank God that at least I'm in Good Hands.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I see and hear this phrase alot during the holidays... Just Believe. 

There is something so child-like and wonderful about those two words.  I think in our hearts, we do want to just believe -- which might be why so many of us love movies like Polar Express.  We want to believe there is something bigger than us.  Powerful.  Good. 

Our hearts tell us, too.  We can hear its echos cry "There is more!"  Its longing makes us restless.  It makes us go searching.  Searching until it finds the One that can satisfy it. 

Much like the children's book, "Are You My Mother?".  The baby bird searched and searched until he found his parent.  Not just anyone would suffice, of course.  And, he didn't stop until his heart found what it was that it was truly looking for.

The Servant Girl

There was once a servant girl who lived in a spacious castle.  There, she happily served the king.  She remembered daily how kind he was to her the day he brought her in.  How generous he was to clothe her, feed her, and give her a bed to rest in.  She never forgot his kindness and never wanted to complain or even present to him any additional needs, for fear that she would be imposing.  He had done so much already for her.

As he came to her one day, he noticed her limping.  "Dear girl, I see you are limping as you serve.  Come, I have fresh water and ointment.  I will personally take care of you."

"Master, you have been more than generous to your servant.  I would not want to impose much more on you." the servant girl responded.

The King's eyes were full of compassion and deep love as he looked upon her beautiful face.

"Oh sweet one, my generosity is abounding.  In fact, I want to share all that is mine with you!  I came to you today to ask for your hand in marriage -- to be my bride and take your place as queen!"

The servant's heart leaped!  She had always secretly loved the King, but did not realize that His heart had always been full of an even greater love for her -- even from the first time he laid eyes on her. 

Without a thought, she accepted His proposal for marriage and his offer to make her well again. 

And, yes it is so...

...they lived eternally happy... forever and ever and ever...

Monday, December 6, 2010


My husband loves to laugh.  And, when I say laugh, I mean laugh.  He is able to find humor in just about anything and in every situation.  He's not ashamed of it nor tries to tame it.  It just comes out - even at inappropriate times and places, making me wish I had a box of sand to bury my head in.  Since laughter is good medicine, he seriously should be in the hospital right now for a drug overdose!

There really is something, though, about this thing we call laughter.  It's mysterious to me. 

I've seen it make cameo appearances at funerals when lives are being remembered.  I watch how its arms lift heavy weights of grief.

I've seen it whimsically turn a heated argument first into a smile, then a chuckle, and then gradually into a roaring bent-over laughter.  The argument is chased away and joy takes its place.

I've seen it heal boo-boos as my husband tells a joke to my daughter while applying her band-aid.

I've seen it give people reason to live again.  I've seen it give life to a situation that was dead.  I've seen it strengthen marriages and help bring restoration between father and daughter. 

I've heard of its legends and how it literally healed a man with cancer, helped a woman lose weight, and gave people a longer life.

And, the best part:  It's a free drug.  Yep.  No need to check our health insurance policies to cover it.  It is a gift.  A gift that is ours for the using. 

I want to make sure I use up my full portion of it today.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let It Out

I apologize.  My subject today isn't exactly dinner conversation material.  But, an important subject, nonetheless. 


The word itself isn't even pleasant to the ears.  It just sounds vile, ugly and gross. 

I know vomiting has its place in life, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I hate it.  I'd rather go all day sipping on ginger ale and dealing with the agony of a sick stomach, than allow my body to vomit.

Sometimes, though, it's just what the doctor orders.  Whatever is in there is not agreeing with my system and it's better to just let it out than hold it in.  Pleasant? no.  But, necessary when it comes to healing and recovery.  And, often times I feel significantly better immediately after.

There have been times when my heart is sick, too.  So sick that I literally have images of wanting to 'vomit' out what is in there.  But, I hold it in.  I'd rather deal with the agony than give myself permission to let it out. 


Why do I do that to myself?  Am I afraid of what will happen?  Is it just my stubborn pride that doesn't want to let go?  Maybe I just don't want to call attention to myself.  Maybe I'm just convinced there is no safe place to let it out.

Maybe -- all of the above.

But, sometimes, it's just what the Doctor orders.  And, He's so pleased to come over for a house call.  He's not thrown off if things get messy.  He's seen it all, believe you me!  And, He's especially desiring to help since He's not only our Primary Physician, He also happens to be our Father.  He doesn't mind coming over multiple times.  He just wants to see His child well again.  And, if it means vomiting, then, by all means, let it out.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marshmallow Under Fire

Yum.  I love a good roasted marshmallow. 

It always amazes me how the fire is able to take something that is already pretty tasty and make it exceptional.  Softer.  Sweeter.  More Pleasing.  When done right, I am one happy camper.

But, I'm not a happy camper when I'm the marshmallow!

When I'm placed over the coals of life's trials and tribulations, I just want to scream, "UNCLE!" and beg for someone to pull me out of such an uncomfortable place!


when the work is done, and I am lifted from the pit, I, amazingly, emerge a better marshmallow than when I entered.  I'm softer on the inside.  Sweeter.  More Pleasing.  Changed. 

And, I'm not the only one to benefit. 

Someone else will probably taste my sweetness one day

as a result of my firepit experience.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hope (the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled)

deferred (hold back to a later time) makes the heart sick... 

Waiting.  It's just a part of life.  We wait our turn in lines.  We wait for school buses. We wait for the waiter to bring our food.  We wait 9 months to see our unborn child.  We wait for the pie to be ready to come out of the oven.  We learn to wait.  We learn to be patient.

But, when the fulfillment of the longings of our heart are delayed, it can be harder to be patient.  This proverb tells us it can make us feel down-right sick.   I guess that might be where we get the terms 'home sick' and 'love sick'.  It hurts to wait for something we really long for.  And, it hurts even more when it feels like the longing will never be fulfilled.  We question if our waiting is in vain. 

I remember reading this a long time ago and never forgot it.  Isaiah says... "those who hope in Me will not be disappointed." 

What catches my attention here is:  What exactly are we focusing our hope on?  Are we just wishing on a star?  Or, is there a greater confidence behind our hope?

If we hope in the One who is able to fulfill every longing, though we may still need to wait, we can be sure that there is no disappointment when we leave the waiting room.

The proverb ends like this...
...but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tell Me About It!

How nice it is when you know someone can relate to your circumstances...

If you ever feel like you don't get enough privacy...  your fish completely understand.

If you ever feel like you don't have any friends... skunks know just what you mean.

If you ever feel like there's no one to talk to at night...  owls have been complaining about that for years.

If you ever feel like there must be more to life than what's in front of you... sea creatures at the bottom of the sea are in the same boat.

If you ever feel like you can't keep up...  turtles can sympathize.

If you ever feel like someone's out to get you...  deer feel that way every hunting season.

If you ever wonder why you can't seem to live in one place for long...  migrating birds feel your pain.

If you ever wish you could just hide...  ostriches are still trying to figure out how.

And, if you ever feel rejected... our friend the stink bug is quite familiar with that feeling too.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When I Grow Up...

When I grow up, I want to be able to laugh about things adults don't find amusing anymore.

When I grow up, I want to be able to make 7 new best friends within the first 5 minutes of visiting a community playground.

When I grow up, I want to be quick to say 'sorry' so we can get back to playing!

When I grow up, I want to trust my friend to hold my favorite dolly.

When I grow up, I want to dream big and think nothing is impossible.

When I grow up, I want to share my seat on the bus with the nerdy kid.

When I grow up, I want to believe that there really is someone who cares about me beyond the clouds up there in the sky.

When I grow up,  I want to be fearless and hop on the handlebars of my friend's bike.

When I grow up, I want to be unafraid to try again.

When I grow up, I want to say "I love you" to the people I care about.

When I grow up...   I want to be a kid again.