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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Someone's Gotta Pay!

My puppy had an ear infection a couple months ago.  He has floppy ears, and my understanding was that  unless we kept his ears dry, he could be susceptible to yeast infections.  My husband was the last one to give him a bath. So, when I took him to the vet to get some ear medicine, I wanted to be sure to inform them that it was my husband who failed to treat his ears properly.  He's the reason, and it's HIS fault.

The girl behind the counter said, "Well, it's no one's fault.  This is common with dogs.  It happens."

Hum.  Not the answer I was expecting or even secretly looking for.  There was something in me that wanted her to join my team and pass the blame onto my husband. 

I wanted her support my cause and say something like, "I know girl.  I know how men can be.  I got a man myself ... "

But, she didn't.  She simply stopped the blame game at the start of it.

How tempting it is to want to blame others -- either because we are trying to dodge the blame ourselves, or maybe we're looking for a focal point for our anger or grief -- we want someone be responsible for our loss, or our hurt, or our tragedy, or the day's blunders.  Someone needs to go down for it! 

Sometimes, it is someone's fault.  Sometimes, it's our own fault. 

But, sometimes, as in the words of the vet assistant...  "It's no one's fault.... it happens."  I think those might be some of the hardest words to swallow in life.

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John Griggs said...

Ah! I can comment now! Nice and the link works now, Val. Keep up the good work!

This is a very true thing -- we always want "closure" in some way: we want to know WHY. Sometimes though, there just isn't a good answer.