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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's always so heartbreaking to see a house or business that suffered a severe fire.  Maybe a favorite pizza shop.  Maybe a house you see on your commute every morning. 

It's a profound visual of what loss and devastation look like.  Every inch felt its wrath.  Charred walls.  Water damaged floors.  Remnants of what was once beautiful and meaningful. 

Often, there is nothing that can be done to salvage its original state.  Solution:  clear and rebuild.  It's the only answer.  It's the best answer.

And, the result never disappoints.  In fact, many times it turns into an opportunity for an upgrade and the new version is better.  Improved.  Everything is new inside now.  And, those that knew of its devastation are encouraged and happy, too, to see it rebuilt and looking even better than before.

I've seen this in life, too.  People getting burnt -- even devastated -- by a trial's inferno.  As a result, they become the walking dead.  On the outside they may continue to function, but inside they are nothing but a burnt down house. 

What hope is there for such devastation?

The answer: 

"REBUILD!", the Carpenter, who's been hired for the job, announces with confidence.

He's respected, experienced, and reliable.  He takes the job seriously and personally.  His work will not disappoint.  His plans to rebuild include upgrades, so the newer version is better than the old one. 

And, the heart that was once a pile of ashes, soon becomes an impressive structure for all to see.  Indeed, what seemed to be the end of the story became the opportunity for a new one to begin.

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John Griggs said...

Perfect Christmas message! Well done! :-)