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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ask. Then Act.

My youngest daughter seems to be a natural born leader.  She's fearless and loves the challenge of just about anything.  She loves to be in front and be the 'line leader' in whatever situation she is in.  Sometimes, I think she forgets how old she is as the older kids willingly follow behind her.  It's really a wonderful thing to watch such a go-getter personality.

It can be difficult to parent, however.  She'll have an idea and implement it without fully knowing what she's doing or the possible outcome of her actions.  She jumps.  Then thinks.  Acts.  Then asks.  She'll enthusiastically take a path without asking if it even leads anywhere.

As I look into the new year ahead, it's only natural that I begin making yearly goals and plans for the future.  I almost hurt my brain last night twisting numbers in my head about our finances.  I'm making to-do lists for around the house and honey-do lists for my husband.  I have health goals.  Career goals.  Plans for the kids and plans for the dog, even! 

But, much like my daughter, in my enthusiasm to race forward, I'm having a tendency to forget to seek out Wisdom first.  There is really only One who knows the future and knows what is best for my family and me.  Best I inquire of Him before laying my plans.

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