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Monday, December 27, 2010


Man, I hate nightmares.  Especially, the kind that seem extremely real.  I feel so helpless as I'm carried along by the story.  I feel powerless to change the plot.  I'm at the mercy of my own imagination.  And, though, it's not reality, I feel the emotions of it as if it was.  It's always such a relief when I wake-up.  Reason reminds my heart what the truth is.  And, the truth brings peace.

What I hate more, though, are what I guess I can call 'day nightmares' (daymares)-- what most call FEAR.  Fear can be powerful over our minds much like a nightmare.  It tells us things that aren't real.  Its convincing paralyzes us.  Its lies fool us to think that what is not real is reality.  It forms a fog over us.  A false truth.  We live our lives at the mercy of its dictatorship.  We are held captive by its imaginations.

But, much like a nightmare, we have the opportunity to wake-up and be set free from our fear.  We can hear Freedom calling to us in our sleep.

 "Wake-up." it gently speaks to us. 

It nudges us and speaks louder.  "You're having a nightmare.  Wake-up!"

It can not ignore our restlessness as it watches us suffer in our fear.  It's compelled by its Love for us.  It just can't turn a blind eye and walk away.  It won't give up until we wake-up.

And, what a relief when we do.  Truth enters.  We are able to see clearly now.  And, the Truth brings Peace.

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