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Friday, December 10, 2010

Me & My Junk

I cleaned out my purse today.

I'm shocked that I made it out alive.  It took me 45 minutes!  And, it's not one of those big bulky purses that can fit bowling balls and small lamps.  It's a compartmental purse.  It's small and made up of many, many sections.  I bought it specifically for that reason so it would help keep me organized.  But, I found out the hard way that the more compartments, the easier things get hidden and the longer it takes to clean it out.  Just when I thought I was close to being finished, my hand felt a zipper and, ugh, yet another area that I didn't even know about that needed straightening. 

I found safety pins, loose change, a broken eyeliner, tissues and old McDonald's napkins, snapped pencils, two pairs of my children's socks and even a pair of my own!  (like WHAT??)  I found paper clips, old gum wrappers, 6 packs of Extra gum (I thought I ran out of gum?  Where was that hiding?) I found used up chapstick, sunscreen (hello, it's December, I'm not going sun tanning!).  And, that was just what I could pull out of the main pouches.  When I got to my coupon book, I had to tediously sort through dozens and dozens of coupons so I didn't throw any out that were not expired -- though most were.  All this, and I didn't even touch my over-packed wallet yet!  In the end, I filled an entire plastic shopping bag and handfuls of extra junk that didn't fit in the bag.  What a process!  But, I have to say, it is better than living with its prior condition.  It weighted me down everywhere I went. And, it stopped being functional.  There was no space to add anything new.  It became nothing but a burden with a strap.

I sigh as I tell you that I have Someone cleaning out my other purse right now, too.  My heart.  And, frankly, I'm getting frustrated.  It's taking too long!  I mean, honestly, just do what You need to do and let's move on already!   But, apparently I have compartments.  I have some hidden pockets with zippers.  Just when I think the process is nearing the finish line, I feel another pouch open!  Man, I didn't know that pouch was there.  And, where did all that junk come from?

I guess this project is a process.  It's going to be better, though, than living with its current condition.  I'll be less weighted down and more functional.  Thank God that at least I'm in Good Hands.


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