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Monday, December 13, 2010

What are YOU doing here?

I saw Him today.

Can't say I was looking for Him.

I was just sitting there watching my daughter at a birthday party.  She was running in circles inside the moonbounce.  Each time she looped around, she splashed a little of Him all over me. 

First a wave.

Then, she yelled, "Your love is forever in my heart!"

I felt it.  It wasn't just her saying it to me.  It was Him, too.

She bounced joyfully around again, her hand forming the sign for 'I Love You'.

I mirrored it back to her, and Him.

And, then the kisses began.  She blew as many as her arm could give me. 

How does He do that?  He catches me by surprise.  He's a Hopeless Romantic that looks for every opportunity to woo me. 

And, I saw Him today.

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