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My Sofa & me

Welcome to my living room --
the place that invites me to say the things on my heart.

Though I love to contemplate and muse over things I see around me and experience personally, busyness can keep me from expressing myself. When I sit and chat with friends, I'm able to say things I wouldn't say otherwise and gain perspective and insight I wouldn't hear otherwise. Sofa Chats is the space where I'm comfortable to be who I am and express those things. By using simple metaphors, conversational writing, and original poems & stories, I pen my sound-off on Life and the inspirations I receive from the Lord and His Word. It's a time when I think about me in this big world. I think about us in this big world. And, I think about Jesus who made this big world and how deeply He loves us all. 

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Thanks for being a part of my Sofa time!

Valerie B.

my Sofa

Hi.  It's me. 
I'm sitting on my Sofa.  It's my favorite place to be. 
The Sofa doesn't judge me.  It doesn't care if I have a hole in my sock. 
It's not even offended if I fall asleep on it.
It's safe. 
It's comfortable.

And, I can be me.