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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You Gotta Try This

"The more you believe in the product,
the more the customer will be persuaded to try it, too."

That was what we were told as first-time make up consultants at my first meeting. 

"Try it on.  Use every product.  See for yourself how fabulous it is.  If you believe in it, your customers will, too." 

They were right.  I did try every product.  And I found out quickly how much I loved it.  Then, when I went to tell others about it, it didn't come across fake, pushed, or made up.  I truly did believe that the product I was selling was something good and would benefit their lives.  The customers were willing to try it simply because of my personal testimony about it.


It's important that we share our faith.  Jesus even commanded us to go and tell others about the amazing love of God and what he has done for the human race.  But it can be hard to authentically share if we aren't wowed about it ourselves.  

The same advice that the make up consultants gave me is the same I can share with you.  Try it.  See for yourself just how stunning the Love of God is.  The more we immerse ourselves in Him and experience Him, the more natural our testimony will flow out of us.  It won't feel pushed.  It won't sound fake.  People will see your sincerity and they will want to try it, too, simply because you are in love with Him. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Honest Prayer

Have you ever heard a child pray?

It's one of the most beautiful sounds.  Even people who don't pray or believe much in its effectiveness are often touched by the sweetness of a praying child.  There is an innocence about it.  There is a sincerity in it.  We know there is no hidden agenda in their prayers.  We know they are not trying to manipulate.  We love its purity.  We admire its vulnerabili
ty. We are moved by its honesty and absence of pretense.
We may even secretly envy it because deep in our hearts we long for this kind of communication with our Heavenly Father.  Their prayers are like a song that our hearts want to sing along with -- the melody of the Secret Place.  As we listen, we may find ourselves drawn in.  We might begin to let our guard down.  We might begin to believe -- again, or maybe for the first time in our lives.
Jesus said, "Come." And He said it to all -- young and old.  He didn't require the children to wait first, gain knowledge, learn how to 'pray the right way' and then come.  He simply told them, "Come." And the children did.   And Jesus made an example of them.  He said, "Come like children."
What if you literally were to do that?  What if even right now, as you are reading this, you were to listen to His call and just come like a child?
Jesus is simply saying to all of us, "Just talk to me. Don't worry about what you sound like, what you look like, what you think you're hiding from Me or what you don't understand about Me. Be concerned with only one thought: 'I have a Father in Heaven that loves me and hears me.' Know that I already fully accept you because of the Cross. There is nothing off limits in what we can discuss. And even if you have no words to say, that's okay, too. Just direct your heart toward me in trust and lean into My Arms."
Prayer is not about eloquent words.  Prayer is about your honest heart connecting with your Loving Daddy.  And just as we melt when we hear a child pray, so our Heavenly Father melts when He hears you.