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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You Gotta Try This

"The more you believe in the product,
the more the customer will be persuaded to try it, too."

That was what we were told as first-time make up consultants at my first meeting. 

"Try it on.  Use every product.  See for yourself how fabulous it is.  If you believe in it, your customers will, too." 

They were right.  I did try every product.  And I found out quickly how much I loved it.  Then, when I went to tell others about it, it didn't come across fake, pushed, or made up.  I truly did believe that the product I was selling was something good and would benefit their lives.  The customers were willing to try it simply because of my personal testimony about it.


It's important that we share our faith.  Jesus even commanded us to go and tell others about the amazing love of God and what he has done for the human race.  But it can be hard to authentically share if we aren't wowed about it ourselves.  

The same advice that the make up consultants gave me is the same I can share with you.  Try it.  See for yourself just how stunning the Love of God is.  The more we immerse ourselves in Him and experience Him, the more natural our testimony will flow out of us.  It won't feel pushed.  It won't sound fake.  People will see your sincerity and they will want to try it, too, simply because you are in love with Him. 

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