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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Simple Things

I teach private music lessons to children. 

Each child seems to enjoy their 29 minutes of instruction, but it's the 30th minute they have their eyes on.  At the end of the half hour, they have the opportunity to pick from my prize basket.  I try to keep it over-flowing with an assortment of treats, small toys, pencils, playdough, etc.  It varies so they do a thorough look-through each time.  And, when they find the perfect pick, they feel like it's Christmas.

What always tickles me about this is how easily they are amused and pleased.  I'm not handing them a college scholarship.  Free groceries for a year.  A winning lottery ticket.  None of those things would mean anything to them anyway.  They are satisfied.  Happy.  Content with a 25 cent piece of happiness.  They have simple expectations.  And, their joy is full.

I remember it well myself as a kid.  Pancakes that smiled at me with a chocolate chip mouth.  Sledding down the driveway 'til my feet were numb.  Penny candy.  Mom's tomato soup.  Life was simple with simple pleasures.  And, my joy was full.

This holiday season and into the New Year that is before me,  I want to do a good look-through in life's prize basket, and go back to noticing and fully enjoying the simple things that are mine in every moment.

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