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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Coincidence?

When I was kid, I used to read books that presented alternate endings to its story.  When you read to a certain point in the book, it gave you the chance to choose endings 1, 2 or 3.  What I thought was neat about this concept was that it was usually only a minor event or character's decision that swayed the entire outcome and made the ending different. 

In life, I have a few stories of my own that could have had different endings.  I recall a trip back from my in-laws' house.  I was anxious to get on the road to start our 5 hour trip.  My husband did not share my enthusiasm.  Though, I tapped my foot and made nagging comments, he didn't feel comfortable leaving until another 45 minutes later.  We were a good portion into our journey when we suddenly came to a stand still in traffic.  We sat for a long time and finally received word that the bridge ahead was closed and they weren't letting anyone into the town ahead of us.  We turned on the radio seeking more information.  Apparently, a 62 mile long track Supertwister ripped through town. 

The next day, my husband read a news report online.  The report was thorough and gave the time that the tornado hit and the exact intersection it had crossed.  We did the math in our heads and our jaws dropped.  If we left when I had insisted, we would have chosen ending 1 and unknowingly crossed paths with destruction.  But, we amazingly avoided the disaster altogether via ending 2. 

I can't help but be amazed by the timing and the 'what ifs' of this story.  Was it all just coincidental timing that my husband delayed our departure?  I just can't ignore the obvious protection of Someone that sees all and knows all.

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