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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming, the goose, along with all of us, is getting pretty fat.  I

Must make more cookies and buy a Santa hat.

Everyone is looking to get the perfect gift,  but I'd just like some peace and quiet and eat my candy stick!

Round and round I circle, the mall's huge parking lot.  Makes me wish I shopped online.  Is all this driving worth a spot?

Rudolph, Frosty and Peanuts Christmas, classic shows bring

Yuletide bliss-ness

Counting down and Advent wonder, this year I am trying to remember that

Ho ho hos and Santa Clause is fun and neat and great, but there's nothing like the First Noel and true reason that we celebrate! So,

Raise your glasses one and all.  Fill them with egg nog and deck the hall!  Don't forget your polyannas and office parties, too.

I recommend a sleigh ride, and dinner at Grammy Sue's.

So, let's get going.  December's here!  Are you filled with holiday cheer?  Or, is this just another year? 

Take time to hug your loved ones and remember those you miss.

Make this time a special one and find someone to kiss! 

And, so I hope for you,

A season filled with joy and gifts. And, for those who'd want it so, I wish a 

Snowy Merry Christmas!

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