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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let It Out

I apologize.  My subject today isn't exactly dinner conversation material.  But, an important subject, nonetheless. 


The word itself isn't even pleasant to the ears.  It just sounds vile, ugly and gross. 

I know vomiting has its place in life, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I hate it.  I'd rather go all day sipping on ginger ale and dealing with the agony of a sick stomach, than allow my body to vomit.

Sometimes, though, it's just what the doctor orders.  Whatever is in there is not agreeing with my system and it's better to just let it out than hold it in.  Pleasant? no.  But, necessary when it comes to healing and recovery.  And, often times I feel significantly better immediately after.

There have been times when my heart is sick, too.  So sick that I literally have images of wanting to 'vomit' out what is in there.  But, I hold it in.  I'd rather deal with the agony than give myself permission to let it out. 


Why do I do that to myself?  Am I afraid of what will happen?  Is it just my stubborn pride that doesn't want to let go?  Maybe I just don't want to call attention to myself.  Maybe I'm just convinced there is no safe place to let it out.

Maybe -- all of the above.

But, sometimes, it's just what the Doctor orders.  And, He's so pleased to come over for a house call.  He's not thrown off if things get messy.  He's seen it all, believe you me!  And, He's especially desiring to help since He's not only our Primary Physician, He also happens to be our Father.  He doesn't mind coming over multiple times.  He just wants to see His child well again.  And, if it means vomiting, then, by all means, let it out.

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