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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Servant Girl

There was once a servant girl who lived in a spacious castle.  There, she happily served the king.  She remembered daily how kind he was to her the day he brought her in.  How generous he was to clothe her, feed her, and give her a bed to rest in.  She never forgot his kindness and never wanted to complain or even present to him any additional needs, for fear that she would be imposing.  He had done so much already for her.

As he came to her one day, he noticed her limping.  "Dear girl, I see you are limping as you serve.  Come, I have fresh water and ointment.  I will personally take care of you."

"Master, you have been more than generous to your servant.  I would not want to impose much more on you." the servant girl responded.

The King's eyes were full of compassion and deep love as he looked upon her beautiful face.

"Oh sweet one, my generosity is abounding.  In fact, I want to share all that is mine with you!  I came to you today to ask for your hand in marriage -- to be my bride and take your place as queen!"

The servant's heart leaped!  She had always secretly loved the King, but did not realize that His heart had always been full of an even greater love for her -- even from the first time he laid eyes on her. 

Without a thought, she accepted His proposal for marriage and his offer to make her well again. 

And, yes it is so...

...they lived eternally happy... forever and ever and ever...

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