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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did you hear the scoop about...

Neighborhood gossip can be easy to fall prey to. One neighbor whispering about another neighbor who's already been whispering about them.

If you're new in town, it can be easy to 'catch the scoop' on everyone and begin forming opinions about people that you haven't even met in person yourself. What an unfair situation for everyone involved. Entire friendships/relationships could be sabotaged even before they have a chance to get started.

What is even more unfortunate is when this happens with God. He wants to be made known in our hearts. He wants desperately for us to understand the Truth of who He really is. He wants to be our friend. But, sometimes, misrepresentation of Him clouds our understanding of who He is. We may hear from others that He is a cruel and manipulative God. We may hear that He is more interested in 'using us' than He is in simply loving us and having a genuine relationship with us. We may hear that He is disappointed with us and we 'better start getting our act together' before we even think about coming to Him.

Lies. All lies.

But, if we don't go to the Source and find out for ourselves, we have nothing else to go by in our opinion of Him. The relationship is sabotaged even before it has a chance to get started. Be fair and give Him a fair chance to show you who He really is. You might be surprised at how much you have misunderstood.

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