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Thursday, January 20, 2011



It might be one of the wisest things we can do in life.  It's so much easier most of the time to prevent something than to deal with it happening.

Such as:

Financial crisis
Your car running out of gas

Many of these things 1) take time to get to that point  2)  may be avoided through some maintenance and care. 

My Father reminds me of this, too.

"Ya know, there's things you can do to keep yourself from getting to this point."  He'd say after He picks me up from my slump and dusts me off. 

He's so patient with me.  A gentle reminder of what I already know and need to be applying to my life, but don't.  I forget (or just plain don't want to) to reach for His Daily Prevention Plan. 

If I take time to eat something from His Table, it prevents me from feeling starved and fatigued all day.  (And, hunger pangs make me grumpy and tempt me to reach for food that's not good for me.)

If I take a dip in His River, I feel more refreshed and it prevents me from walking around feeling dirty all day.  I'm happier, too -- the River is able to get into crevices where sadness and depression stick to me.

If I stop and ask Him for directions,  He's thrilled to lead the way and take me Himself.  The tears and despair are avoided!

Thankfully, He doesn't lay guilt trips on me.  He simply renews the plan daily. 

It awaits my access so I can live this day to the fullest!

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