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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I see this scene on TV.  A doctor working on a patient that is struggling to stay conscious  The patient is wanting to give up but the doctor fights on their behalf. 

"I need you to stay with me.  Can you do that?  Look at me.  STAY-WITH-ME." 


I think of women giving birth.  Hours and hours of labor can want any woman to throw in the towel. 

"I need you to push.  Can you do that?  Look at me.  Stay-with-me.  PUUUSH."  the doctor says.


It's easy to want to give up on an exhausting situation, journey, struggle, illness/injury.  You've been strong up to this point.  You've believed.  You've trusted.  You've applied yourself.  But, where is the breakthrough?  Where is the healing?  Where is the baby??? 

But, the Doctor is there saying. 
You're so close.  Come on. 
We'll do this together. 
We'll get there.  We will. 
Don't fade out now.  Don't give up. 
The bend in the road is just ahead. 

 Look at me. 

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