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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tangled Mess

Long hair can be gorgeous.  But, it can be pain-staking to comb.  If you're not diligent to manage it daily, it can turn into a nest of tangles.  How hard it is to work through such a mess once it gets to that point!  Where do you even begin?? 

Relationships can tangle, too.  Marriages.  Mother-daughter.  Son-father.  Friend-friend.  And, some require higher maintenance than others.  If not cared for daily, it can twist and get knotted.  How hard it is, then, to straighten such messes! 

Thankfully, there's Hair Treatment available to us.  Daily Conditioner offers everyday care to help keep day-to-day tangles at bay.  And, for the more complicated messes, there's a Detangler Spray/Brush package available that can work through even the most knotted of relationships. 

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