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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Wear

I love taking my dog for walks.  It's a win-win for both our exercise needs.  In the winter, though, my ears get sooo cold.  And, for some reason, I almost always forget to put my headband on before we start our walks.  Then, by the third loop around our neighborhood circle, I start getting irritated by how I'm feeling and my ears start stinging.  It's then that I remember my headband. 

I can start my days like that, too.  I get movin' on whatever the agenda is and forget to reach for the things I'm going to need to help keep me warm and smiling through the day.

Like -- taking a quiet moment to look up.  Then, taking an extra few moments to give thanks to the One I'm looking up at.  And, then maybe even read a Word of encouragement from that same Someone who's looking back at me. 

He knows just the headband I'm going to need to help keep me warm and protected that day.

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