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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy To Be Me

"I want to be a movie star!"  she said as she reached for her mother's lipstick and smeared a generous amount over her lips and beyond its boundaries. 

But, with one glance in the mirror, she frowned.  Not the result she was looking for.

"I know!  I'll wear big sissy's shoes.  I'd love to be a teenager." 

She slipped her toes in and stood up.  At once, she lost her balance and tumbled over. 

"Who can I be?" she thought.

Her sneakers caught her eye from across the room. 

She ran and put them on and stood in front of the mirror. 

'Hum, one thing missing."  she said as she happily flipped her hair up into a ponytail and looked proudly at her reflection.


I'm going to be me!"

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