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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Invitation

There once lived a kind King.  He ruled wisely and was generous to His people. 

One day, He summoned His servants and asked if they would deliver a special invitation.  It was addressed to a 'special young lady'.  She accepted the invitation, but was shy to approach the King.  Though she knew He was kind, she was self-conscious about her appearance.  She suffered from a skin disease and did not want the King to be appalled by her. 

As she entered and He saw her, she was pleasantly surprised.  He did seem to be bothered at all by her infirmity.  This helped her relax and enjoy her visit with the King.  They talked and laughed and had a very good time together.  Being the good Host, He offered her food from His table and a drink from His chalice.  It was the most delicious food and drink she had ever tasted!

After their lovely time together, He asked if she would visit again tomorrow.  She was thrilled to accept the invitation for she felt comfortable with the King and forgot all about her appearance when she was with Him.

So, she came the next day.  And, the next day.  And, soon she became a regular visitor to the castle.  And, each time she came, He would offer her His delicious food and drink.  What she didn't realize though, was that His food was no ordinary food.  And, His drink was no ordinary drink.  It had natural healing elements in it.  So, each time she came and ate and drank, she was slowly being restored back to health.  Soon, her skin was completely rid of all disease! 

Realizing her transformation, she was even more thankful for His original invitation to fellowship with Him and so glad that she had accepted it.  She had not only formed a wonderful friendship with the King, their communion had also become her source for wholeness!

And so it was -- the King and the girl became lifelong friends.  They ate, they drank, and they laughed for all the rest of her days.

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