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Friday, January 21, 2011

Flower Beauty

If a flower grows in the meadow and no one sees it, can it still be defined as beautiful? 

It's a question of whether that flower is given the chance to be identified for what it is. 

To us, beauty is usually defined by what is seen with our eyes.  Example: We see a painting.  Based on our opinion of what we would call beautiful, we identify it to be (or not to be) beautiful.  So, if this flower is never seen, how can it be called beautiful -- even if it is indeed very much beautiful?


what if there was Someone who saw this flower?  Like, the Creator of this flower.  His Opinion should count, then.  Right?  Even if He is the only One who sees it, He has the right then to identify it for what it is  -- and call it beautiful. 

There are many of us who feel like the flower in the meadow.  Beautiful. Yet, seemingly unnoticed and wanting so much to be identified for who we are.  We wait for others to look at us.  Tell us we are beautiful.

But, the Creator sees.

He is able to look deep into the flower.  He has clothed the flower with unimaginable beauty that never fades. 

He marvels at the flower
                                                      and His Opinion rises above the rest

as He loudly announces:


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