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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Just Wanted To Say...

I could hear his voice through my door. 

"Please open it."  he said for the fifth time.

I just couldn't bring myself to turn the doorknob.  The door was my only protection.  Opening the door would mean being vulnerable.  And, that was not something I was ready for.

What does he want, anyway?  I'm sure it's just to recap how I screwed up the other day.  Or, maybe he wants to remind me how I can't do anything right.--not that I really need reminding on that subject. 

"Please."  he gently spoke again.  "I'm asking you.  please."


maybe if I open it real quick he'll go away.


if I did open the door, I better be ready to fight.  Hold my defense.  Get ready to argue my case.  Surely, condemnation will be his first flaming arrow at me.  I must be strong!

I threw the door open and covered my face. 

Silence.  Nothing.

I peeked. 

No arrows.  No yelling. 

Just him and his kind eyes.

"I just wanted to say..." he whispered.

"I love you."

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