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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Day

It's never easy taking a child to get a shot at the doctor's office.   

The kicking, the screaming, the tears, the child begging for mercy.  It's meant to benefit them down the road, but right now it's a crisis for all involved.

The thing with shots is that they are over and done with very quickly.  And, once they're done, it's lollipops and stickers from the nurse, extra bear hugs from dad, and the promise of ice cream on the way home.

But, sometimes the child can't bounce back that quickly.  They just can't get over that moment in time.  They are consumed with the images of the doctor's office and the nightmarish experience as they whimper in the backseat.

"It's over, sweetie.  No more.  We're done."  the parents reassure lovingly. 


I can relate to that child.  An event, a trauma -- heck an entire season of life, can be like a traumatic doctor's visit.  It's scary, confusing and traumatizing.  So much so that it can affect me long after it's all over.  I have a hard time enjoying the good things in life because I'm still thinking, crying and worrying about the shot. 

But Daddy's kind voice speaks over the sounds of my whimper.

"It's over.  No more.  We're done."  He says.

"Look!  The sun is out!  Let's go play.  I have a whole day planned for just you and me!

It's a new day. 

Do you want to play?"

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