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Sunday, January 23, 2011

U-Turn Ahead

I appreciate road signs and policeman when I'm ignorant to what is down the road.  What a kind service they provide.

  • U-Turn signs that let us know the road ahead is closed.
  • Policeman that stand in the road waving their arms -- directing traffic to make a U-turn because flooding or an accident is ahead.  They help us dodge danger as they say "Turn Around!" to each car that approaches.

Our Traffic Controller aids us, too, in our travels in life.

"Turn Around!"  He'll say when He knows there is imminent danger in front of us.

If we are wise, if we have ears to hear -- we listen to that Voice.  We make the U-turn.  We trust that He is trying to help us, not harm us. 

We trust His judgement in the direction we should go because we know He knows something that we simply -- don't.

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