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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Star Of The Show

Ya ever have one of those dreams where you needed to be prepared for something, like a test, and you walk into the classroom without looking at even one page of the material?  You're still expected to take the test but you don't know what the heck you're doing! 

Or, if you've ever performed in a presentation (like a music recital, dance show, public speaking), and you walk in unrehearsed.  The show must go on -- with or without your confidence to perform it.

Well, I feel that way sometimes in parenting.

I'm expected each day to do a job that I have no bachelors degree for.  And, even the reading I've done to help me prepare for this job seems to be little help in the situations that go beyond textbook answers.  What frightens me about doing this job is that I feel like if I mess up, my children's future wellness is at stake!  Doctors, nurses and teachers spend years getting ready to take care of people.  But, here I am with 2 little lives to care for and I don't remember being asked at the childbirth classes for a resume!

But, then I remember....  GRACE.

She's my greatest helper.  She fills in the spaces I'm not able to fill.  She knows I can't do it alone and she knows how inexperienced I am.  She never grows tired.  It's amazing.  And, actually, it's when I've completely come to the end of myself that she gladly takes center stage and pulls off a beautiful performance.  I can't boast in those moments.  I simply join the audience in their applause for her. 

Thank you GRACE for being such a faithful friend.

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John Griggs said...

This is dead on, Val. I've done musical things where I just showed up and had to play with no preparation.

But the parenting thing is poignant. I'm second guessing everything I've done with my youngest. I really don't know what I did right or wrong anymore.

I'm so relying on grace.