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Friday, January 14, 2011

Proceed With Caution

A thought came to me the other day as I was trying to find a parking space at the grocery store. 

There are no sidewalks, of course, in a parking lot.  So, pedestrians and cars share the road.  Mother's holding babies, toddlers walking with dads, Seniors taking their time.  And, here I am in my vehicle that with one push of a pedal, can run them clear over.  They trust that I'm not going to be foolish and hurt them.  When you think about it, that's an amazing amount of trust. 

Then, a second thought came to me as I parked my car and started walking toward the store's front door.  Now, I am the pedestrian.  I'm the vulnerable one here.  Cars came just inches from my cart. 

Thought number three entered my mind.  Proceed with caution when the power to injure is just a pedal away.  At some point, you'll be the pedestrian.

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