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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One thing I remember about Grammy's house -- her candy stash! My siblings and I would run through the door with a glance in her direction yelling, "Hi Grammy!", as we did a bee-line to the goody bowl. We knew there were delicious treasures in her house. We knew where to find them. And we knew we had the freedom to reach for them. 

My Heavenly Daddy has a Candy Stash of His own!  

Candy bowls of Wisdom.  
Mouth-watering Understanding.   
Variety Chocolates that surprise you when you bite into them.  
Candy Kisses in huge portions.  
Rainbow Skittles of Joy pouring like a waterfall into our laps.  
Marshmallows of Comfort.  
Satisfaction Bars that keep us hunger-free.  
Peppermint Refreshments.  
And, long-lasting Love Gum!

Delicious treasures. 

And I know just where to find them and I have the freedom to reach for them ALL!

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