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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sugar Or Sweetener?

Some substitute.

Their sugar that is.  It tastes similiar.  It looks similar.  Only the aftertaste really gives it away most of the time.  And, actually, you can grow so used to consuming the fake stuff, that you don't even notice the aftertaste anymore.  It becomes familiar.

Some get confused with telling the difference between the Real Thing and the fake stuff when it comes to what they believe in.  The counterfeit seems good to them.  It may taste pretty good.  It seems to offer similar promises.  But, when it all comes down to it...
it's still not the Real Thing.

1 comment:

John Griggs said...

lol! Spoken like a young woman without diabetes! ;-)

I get your message and agree with it though -- lest I seem like I'm belittling it; but I do use artificial sweeteners (Splenda mostly) for a reason. I wish I didn't have that reason though!

Great "post with a point" as usual.

I need to do a new blog post, but I can't do the short-and-sweet like you do and I'm currently lazy...winter doldrums, ho hum...