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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prep Work

When you're getting ready for something new, there's some basic steps that first need to happen.

For example, if you're getting ready to move to a new house, you'd first need to take a good look at each and every item in your home.  Careful decisions are made.  Do I keep it?  Is it worth taking with me?  Or, can I do without it?  If it's useless, then the no-brainer decision is to trash it.  No reason to lug garbage around with you -- especially to a new place.

When you're at the threshold of something new, the Organizer does the same thing before the move.  He lifts every item in our heart.  Careful decisions are made.  Do we keep it?  Do we trash it?  Is it going to benefit us where we're going.  Will it weigh us down or is it a treasure that will be displayed in the new home?  Maybe it's worth keeping, it just needs to be polished a bit.  Or, maybe we think we need it but He says let go. 

He knows this process is necessary so we can fully enjoy what's ahead.

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