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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Interview

A man, who wore a ruby ring, went to dinner one night at the Desert Restaurant.

He ate and he drank.  And, he ate and drank.  And, he ate and drank some more.  By the end of the night, he had racked up a good size bill.  When it came time to pay, he was not mindful of the waitress' tip.  Though, she had served him all through the night and gave him excellent service, he left her only a small amount for all her trouble.  What a frustration for the young woman!

The next night, the man with the ruby ring came in again.  He stayed for many hours eating and drinking, and again left an insultingly small tip. 

This time, the waitress spoke up. 

"Sir, have I not served you well tonight?  Have I not catered to your needs?  If so, then it is only right to give what is appropriate."

The man stopped, chuckled at the young woman, put on his coat, and left.

How this infuriated the waitress!  She went home very angry and told the whole story of the man with the ruby ring to her husband.

The next day, the man from the restaurant had an interview that was extremely important to his career.   As he walked into the office, the man who was going to interview him noticed the ruby ring on his hand. 

"Hello." the interviewer said, as he tapped his face with his pencil.  "Please, sit down."

"Your interview today, sir, will consist of one question.  Tell me, what restaurant have you eaten at the past two nights?"

Slightly confused by the question, the man said, "Well, sir.  The Desert Restaurant.  Why do you ask?"

The interviewer closed his notebook and said, "Thank you sir.  That will be all.  Your interview is complete."

The man was shocked at the sudden conclusion of the interview.  "But, sir you have only asked me one question -- and that was about my dinner arrangements!"

"And, that, sir, told me all I needed to know." the interviewer replied.  "The waitress that served you is my wife."

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