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Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Is It With You?

Happy people can make you question.

What are they always so cheerful about?  Always a smile on their face.  Always a whistling tune coming from their lips.  Always a pleasant greeting and a countenance that radiates a flavor of happiness that you're not used to seeing. 

And, that's it. 
We generally aren't used to seeing cheerful people.

Extreme examples...We get in our cars and we get rude gestures from the car that passes us on the road.  We get in line at the grocery store and instead of smiles from fellow customers we get the "don't even think about cutting in line" look.  We go to our jobs and may deal with a grumpy boss or co-workers that talk more about you than to you.  We live in a dog eat dog world.  But, even on the less extreme, the general public is not very jolly.

So when we do see a cheerful person, we question it.  We start thinking they are either fake or just have no problems in life (lucky them!).

But, if we investigate, we find out the scoop. 

We find out that they are real people just like anyone else.  They have problems.  They have trials.  They have ups and downs.  But, they also have something else. 

They have JOY.  Joy, that even when they are feeling low, still oozes through their pores, because this Joy is not something that is a result of their circumstances.  It's an overflow of Who is with them, Who is alive inside of them.  So, even when they don't smile, they shine regardless.

And, we notice them.  We tilt and scratch our heads as we marvel at that Secret Ingredient that makes them different from anyone else we know.  It makes us thirsty for it.  It makes us hungry for what they have.  And, it helps us see that there is still Hope for all of us, as we come to realize that this Joy is indeed --  for all of us!

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