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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Hear Me Out

Hang Up.

It's the easiest way to get the last word.  You've made it clear that you are finished talking to the person on the other end of the line.  The conflict hasn't been resolved or worked through, you just decide that you've had enough and you're done. 

But, you didn't even give them a chance to speak.

You've already come to your own conclusions in your head.  You filled in the blanks for them, and that became your truth.  So, you spoke your mind and hung up.


I have done this with my Best Friend.

I've screamed and yelled and thrown my fists up.  I've given Him a piece of my mind.  I've told Him how disappointed I was in Him.  How He dropped the ball!  How He let me down!

What kind of Friend was He anyhow?!  I TRUSTED HIM!!!

And, to tell you honestly, I hardly wanted to know what He had to say.  I blasted Him with my frustration and hurt and hung up.  I wasn't at a place to resolve things with Him, I just vented and disconnected.  I never gave Him a chance to speak.  I never gave Him a chance to shine the Light of His Loving Perspective on it. 

I don't regret my honesty -- that was where I was at at the time.  And, I know He'd rather hear my honesty than get a forced smile from me.  He can see through me anyway, so faking it would be pointless.  I know He's not thrown off by my raw emotions.

But, then I had a choice.

Would I disconnect forever?  Or, would I answer the phone when He called back? 

Would I give Him a chance to speak? 
Would I give Him at least that much?

Or, would I give up on Us altogether?
Would I never answer the phone again?

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