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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Love Test

Though wonderful to give, it can be hard to receive. 

How would you answer these questions about receiving?

1)  Someone pays you a compliment.  Do you say thank you and receive it, or in a nice kind of cordial way, reject their words?

2)  Someone gives you an unsolicited gift or money?  (maybe one that is timely in your season of need)  Do you humbly receive?  Or, do you try to find ways to give it back? 

3)  Someone that loves you gives you a hug.  Do you hug back?

4)  You're not feeling well and someone offers to help around the house or with the kids.  Do you decline their offer or accept their kindness?

5)  You discover at the register that you are 2 dollars short in paying for your groceries.  The person behind you taps your shoulder and with a smile offers to cover the difference.  Do you accept it?

6)  Someone notices that you are having a bad day.  They ask if there is something they can do to help.  Though you can think of three things right off the bat, do you verbalize your need?

7)  You're planning a party and you find yourself overloaded with the to-do list.  Many people have offered to help.  All you have to do is give them a call.  Will you pick up the phone and take them up on their offer?

8)  Your spouse does a household chore that you normally are the one to do.  Are you quicker to say thank you or quicker to look for what he/she 'didn't do right'.

9)  You go out to lunch with a friend.  They insist on treating.  Do you let them or fight them for the bill?

10)  Someone invites you over.  They know how hard you are always working and want to spoil you.  Do you allow them to cater to you or do you insist on 'at least just helping with clean-up'?

Gifts.  Love.  They are meant to be received.

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