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Friday, June 24, 2011

Even When I'm Wrong, I'm Right

My husband has a motto.  It's become quite a joke between us. 

He tells me, "I'm always right.  And, even when I'm wrong, I'm right."

I roll my eyes and walk away.  What a goof.  I know he's only kidding. 

To live by that motto would be dangerous.  The idea that no matter what happens or what conflict arises, it can never be you that takes the blame.  You remove yourself from any sense of responsibility.  You refuse to man up and say... 'Hey, I'm human.  Humans aren't perfect.  And, I messed up this time."  To even say the hardest three words in the world.... I AM SORRY.

We can hate saying those words.  We'd rather explain and justify why we did what we did and said what we said, than to simply humble ourselves and say...  "I am sorry." 

We don't like it for probably a couple reasons. 

1)  Our Pride. 
     He's not allowed in the picture of apology

2) Not Understanding Grace

Sometimes we think if we risk humbling ourselves and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable this way, all we're going to receive is condemnation.  Maybe we've had some bad experiences in the past where we tried to say sorry, but all we got was a verbal lashing.  Our apology wasn't received.  Instead of being embraced and forgiven, we were rejected and condemned.  It didn't give us much reason to want to ever be sorry again. 

A new understanding of Forgiveness and Grace is available to us.  We must understand that we are LOVED.  We have a Father that will NEVER reject a repentant heart.  To Him, there might not be anything more precious or beautiful in the whole world.  And, when we find that He accepts us -- and I mean really truly accepts us, we will spit those three words out faster than a New York minute.  We will be quick to make our relationship with Him right.  We will be quick to make our relationship with others right.  And, we will be quick to say it...


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