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Monday, June 27, 2011

Funks & Slumps


Most of the time when we think of habits we think about physical things... our eating habits, our sleeping habits, or exercise habits, our bad habits like nail biting and smoking.  But, what about emotional and mental habits?  We might not label them that way though.  The poor ones we call 'ruts'.  We might say, I've been in a 'slump' or a 'funk'.

It's crazy to me.  I could wake up and have a list a mile long of things I could be thankful for.  The weather is beautiful.  My children are healthy and I just paid all the bills yesterday.  Many reasons to smile and approach my day with a joyful heart.  But, for some reason, I find myself downcast and frowning through my day.  What in the world??  What is that?? 

In part,
it's a habit.

A slump. A funk.  An emotional rut.  I have gotten into the habit of seeing life through grey-tinted glasses.  I have gotten in the habit of simply not looking up.  My emotions and thinking are not lining up with reality.  It's a season of rejoicing, but my heart and mind are acting like it's the season of weeping.  And, ultimately I'm being robbed of enjoying the present.

So, a decision must be made.

Break the habit. 

And, like any habit, it's going to take some deliberate action.  When I wake in the morning, instead of emotionally and mentally slumping, I need to start speaking what is actually True.

"Today is a blessed day.  I have a God that loves me.  I am special to Him.  He has made me and I am beautiful and accepted.  He has given me so many things to be thankful for such as............     He has given me reason to smile.  Reason to be confident.  Reason to be kind to myself and kind to others.  Reason to be gracious to myself and gracious to others.  He has given me a reason to live."

I must choose to break the habit.  I must choose to believe the Truth.

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