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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using the China

I saw a cooking demonstration today.

Marvelous recipes.  Delicious samples.  But there was one thing more that I walked away with.

A reminder.

She told the crowd, "Life is too short.  Use your best dishes now.  Don't wait."  as she poured her delicious strawberry dessert into a beautiful bowl. 

Then she went on.  "Life is too short.  Use the best ingredients now.  Don't wait."  as she used the richest, most tasty choices of food that you can buy on the market.

She already knew.  She was confident that most of us in the crowd probably don't grab for the best.  Use the best.  Embrace or enjoy the best.

We wait.  We hold back. 


And, how true that is across the board.

Life is too short. 

Are we reaching for only the good stuff? 

Do we wait to say "I love you" like it's fine china -- only used on special occasions?

Are we savoring the sweetest ingredients that are in our life?  The irreplaceable moments with our children?  Time spent with our spouse or our aging parents?  etc.

Are we embracing only the best and discarding the rest?


Thank you dear cook for the reminder.

Life is too short.  Use and enjoy your best dishes and ingredients now.  Don't wait. 

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