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Friday, June 17, 2011

What I Really Mean Is...

How easy it is to misunderstand someone's text or email.

The interpretation and tone of the content is up to the receiver.  Depending on how they read it, they can take it all wrong and the sender is then completely misunderstood.  What a communication break-down!  In the business world, it's often advised to just call the person so they can hear not just your words, but your tone as well.  This avoids a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.

Another Text can also be completely misunderstood.  We can pick up the Bible and read the words but completely miss what the Sender is really trying to say.  What's worse is we might then go and retell it to someone else, and then they tell it to someone else, and suddenly you have many people who have the Sender all wrong. 

The advantage we have in reading His Words over reading a text or email is that we can actually allow Him to interpret His words for us as we read them.  With the Helper's (Holy Spirit) help, we can read the words and understand God's heart in it.  In a sense, we are allowing Him to read it to us.  When we approach His Word this way, it helps us avoid a boat load of confusion and also builds deep intimacy with Him -- which is exactly His objective in the first place!  

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