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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picky Packaging


I can say no more.  When they are in season, they are nature's candy.  The only thing I hate about purchasing them is that it's hard to find the perfect package.  There is always at least one that is rotten.  And, if I forget, in my haste I will put them away as is. 

Not good.

Good advice says to always remove the rotten ones before you put them away.  Otherwise, all the others will rot much faster. 

So, it's true...one bad one spoils the bunch.

Strawberries don't have a choice.  They get thrown together without being asked who they'd like to room with, hang with, or be in close contact with.  I'm sure if I had a chance to interview a few strawberries they would have plenty to say about their preference for what they are looking for in a roommate.

We should be picky, too.

Picky about who we are surrounding ourselves with.  Who we are giving ourselves to.  Who we are allowing to influence us, even guide and direct us. 

This can be hard, though, if you are needy.

When you are craving friendship or love or someone to make you feel worth something, you'll take the first thing that comes down the pike -- having the "beggars can't be choosers" mentality.

But, let me tell you.  We are worth more than that.  And, we don't have to compromise and go against our gut like that.

We are not strawberries.  We have the choice who to be in relationship with, be in friendship with.  And, if they are not good for us, we need to be honest about that. 

We are valuable.  We are more valuable than sparrows to our Creator that loves us. 

And, He has better options for us.

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