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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Get Personal

If you want to get someone's attention, get personal with them.

When something doesn't pertain to our life, we can tend to move along without a glance in that particular direction.  It doesn't mean anything to us... unless it gets personal.

For example, you might know little about Breast Cancer.  You watch the marches on TV.  You see the pink ribbons.  But, it might not get your attention... unless it gets personal. 

Or, you hear the warnings about certain drugs, catch a clip on TV about child car seat safety, or read about the effects of obesity.  You might not take it seriously... unless it gets personal.

Or you hear about God.  You might hear words thrown around like His Love and Salvation.  But it doesn't mean anything to you... unless it gets personal.

And, that's the beauty of it.  He would want it no other way. 

He always gets personal...

... because that is the kind of relationship He wants with us. 

If He didn't get personal, we would never know just how much He personally cares about us.  If He didn't get personal, we would continue to think we were just a number to Him and we'd have the mentality that "God has bigger things to worry about than little 'ol me."  If He didn't get personal, we'd never know how wild and crazy He is about us -- each and every one of us, personally.  And, if He didn't get personal, we'd never know --

how personal we are to Him.

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