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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Hungry!

I'm hungry.
I'll grab a bag of chips.

I'm hungry.
Something sweet will hit the spot.

I'm hungry.
Left-overs from take-out are looking good.

I'm still hungry
and the pie in there has my name all over it.

Why am I so hungry?
I'll just grab a handful of nuts.

I'm hungry...  well actually
my stomach is getting full but I 'feel hungry'.
What is wrong with me?
This chocolate bar will help me process the problem.

No solution. 
Still hungry. 
Well, not stomach-hungry.  Just...tastebud-hungry.
I'll just suck on a piece of candy.

hummm....That went fast. 

I know.  I'll read a book and take my mind off food.

(flip flip)
Darn it!  Reading makes me hungry!

I just won't think about it.

...Cheeseburgers... (stop thinking about food!)  Cake.... (oh brother, I could eat a double helping)  Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!  (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) 

I'm hungry!  I'm hungry!  I'm hungry!

                                                 But, maybe it's not my stomach that's hungry...

maybe it's .....

my heart.

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