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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Morning.

Good morning.

Today is a Beautiful Day.  A day that I have prepared for you.  A day that I have already walked through.  I know what each hour, each minute, each second will look like for you.  I have already felt the emotion you will feel.  I have already carried the weight of the burdens you will want to pick up for yourself.  I already know what you will soon be talking to me about.  I know every word before it even makes it to your lips. 

I know the places you will go today.  I know the challenges and surprises you will run into.  I know the choices you will make and how the choices of others will affect you today.

I have watched over this day and will watch over you as you live it out.  I am with you.

So, go and enjoy your day!

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