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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Renew:  Reestablish on a new, usually improved, basis

"Let's get things reestablished here."  the father said to His adopted son.  "You must understand that things are run differently in my house than what you came out of.  It's going to take some time for you to fully understand, but as you stay close to me and learn from me, soon your mind will be renewed."

So, the son stayed close to the father.  He began to see how his father worked.  How his father talked.  How his father thought.  He saw how his father interacted with his other children.  He saw how he handled the affairs of his business. 

He watched how his father laughed.  For the first few days, the son began to think that that was all his father ever did!  The father rejoiced and sang through the halls of the home all the time! 

He watched how his father carefully cared for each of his children and how each one was individually shown the love and care they needed. 

He saw the protection of His father.  He saw the gentleness.  The compassion.

The son saw it all.  The father never lied to or deceived his son.  And, the son grew to trust him.  He became comfortable with his father and freely asked questions.  He became comfortable to be himself and discover his father in an unintimidating and fearless way.

And, the father was right.  Soon, the son began to understand his father.  His heart had grown very fond of his father.  And his mind, indeed, had a renewed understanding of a happy home.

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